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Unique Benefits of Ipe Wood for Decking
Any time you think of starting a deck project, you may need to know some of the benefits that come with using ipe wood. You would need to know that ipe wood is one of the best woods for decking. Ipe is a rainforest tree native to South America. The popularity of ipe wood is continuously increasing due to its many benefits. You would need to read on to know some of the benefits that come with ipe wood.
One of the benefits of ipe wood for decking is that it tends to be naturally resistant to rot. One would need to start by noting that ipe tends to be a rainforest tree something that tends to make it contain natural oils. Ipe tends to also be resistant to molds and fungi making it one of the best woods for building a deck. It tends to be normal for most decks to develop mold and fungi especially any time it rains. In a case where you use ipe, you would have rot or fungi as the least of your worries even during the rainy season.
In the same manner, you would need to note that it tends to be resistant to most insects. The density and natural oils in ipe wood tend to make it resistant to insects. In the same manner, resistance to insects tends to be a natural adaptation bearing in mind that it tends to grow in places highly populated with insects. One would not need to spend any time trying to insect-proof the decking.
Ipe is also known for its heat dispersion traits especially when it is used to construct a deck. Most decks tend to become dangerously especially during summer. The decks tend to heat making it impossible for one to have fun on the deck he or she spent so much money constructing. Ipe is characterized by very low heat retention rate since it tends to easily disperse most of the heat it tends to absorb from the sun. It would also be wise for one to elevate the deck in question to allow air to pass underneath to reduce chances of heating. One would be sure of natural heat dispersion of heat in a case where he or she uses ipe wood.
It would also be modest to remember that ipe wood tends to be both stylish and sturdy and hence the best for decking. Ipe tends to be beautiful and durable making it one of the best option of building decks. The wavy texture and fine grain is yet other benefits that make most people attracted to ipe wood. You would also be amazed to note that ipe tends to be resistant to fire. Other benefits that come with ipe wood for decking include low maintenance as well as its being green.

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