Types of Flowers that Florists Have and their symbols

Send your order to florists who will deliver the flowers at your location. Ask for guidance from the florist on how you’re going to plant and take care of the flowers. Select a flower that symbolizes the correct message you want to pass to the person you’re sending the flowers. Read below what various flowers symbolize for you to select flowers that will suit the occasion and the person you are sending them to.

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, create the impression that you are loyal and that your intentions towards your partner are innocent and pure by sending them daisy flowers. Species of daisy flower are over forty. Marguerite daisies are white, pink, or yellow with leaves of a blue-green color. The pink, yellow, orange, red, and white are the popular colors of Gerber daisies. You can combine Gerber flowers of various colors in a bouquet. Purple coneflower has a cone-shaped center with bended yellow and brown, purple petals and white hairs on the stem with running streaks of purple.

Alstroemeria flower stands for wealth fortune and prosperity. Alstroemeria flower comes in a variety of species. Try to be unpredictable sometimes by sending them Lucca flowers because of their yellow throats and dark orange petals. Blushing bride flowers capture the attention of people because they have soft white petals with flashes of baby pink throughout. Blue heaven flowers possess beautiful bright yellow throats and lavender-blue petals. Find the bright pink candy flower for them. Cindy has and will always be people’s darling because of their yellow throats and creamy white petals that have flushes of soft pink. The amazing apricot-pink petals that have streaks of dark burgundy and yellow throats make butterscotch one of the best flower selections to pick for your loved one.

Hyacinth generally stand for playfulness and a sporty attitude. However people interpret these flowers differently depending on the color. Red or pink ones may stand for playfulness, blue hyacinth symbolizes constancy, purple for sorrow, and yellow for jealousy. Carnegie is the most unique of all hyacinth flowers because it is the brightest with dark green leaves and white petals. Let your loved one wake up to Anna Marie flowers on the doorways or pathways because they will turn the place pink. Black jacket stands out because of its dark purple stripes and deep blue petals. Blue festive are soft purple-blue flowers have beautiful lighter shades of purple-blue on the edges.

Send orchids to female friends to show them that you celebrate their natural beauty and femininity. Make the person that you cherish to feel special by sending Miltonia flowers to their homes because their large size and unique scent make them suitable for making beautiful banquets. The room will have a lasting fragrant when you bring in the tiny cymbidium orchids. Cattleya Labiate is familiar to many people because its striking colors and fragrance attracts more attention when it is in the midst of other flowers.

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