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How To Accurately Detect Baby’s Gender

It is easy to detect the gender of the baby eight weeks after conceiving. The results delivery within a few months in pregnancy cannot be compared to the other testing methods which are only used months later, and its efficiency is guaranteed. It is the decision of the customer on whether they will buy the test kit and use it at home or have the tests done at a health care. Seventy two hours later after testing for the gender, the test kit delivers accurate results. For clients who use the gender test kit get accurate results even after using it or different timelines they get similar results. Five to seven days are required in getting standard results for the customers who are not in a hurry to get the gender results. For the customer who shop in online store for the kit, it is shipped on the ordering day and contains steps and procedures on how to use the test kit.

The testing kit has the ability to detect whether the pregnant mother is carrying either Y or X chromosomes. If the mother opts for using the testing kit and months later visits a laboratory for testing, the results will always be similar. In finding out how the testing kit works, you find out that the free fetal DNA are released by the placenta into the mother’s bloodstream. The gender of the baby can only be identified by taking some blood samples from the mother. A baby boy is carried by the pregnant mother when deposits of Y chromosomes are found in her blood. In any case when the mother’s blood detects that it does not have Y chromosomes, then she is pregnant with a girl. The method noninvasive prenatal testing is the one used for finding out the baby’s gender. The method of testing the baby’s gender is referee to as noninvasive since it is safe for both the mother and the fetus.

Earphones, recording cable, electrode gel, battery and user guide are some of the equipment accompanied with fetal Doppler during purchase. Pregnant mothers can bond with the baby by having a Doppler when they are at home or travelling. The baby’s gender can also be detected by visiting either OB or GYN. Customers can also draw some blood samples into the site, whereby the following day they will receive the appropriate results into their respective email address. There are qualified medical professionals who are employed by the company to attend to customers samples and come up with the necessary results.

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