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Realities About Water That Are Simply Amazing

Water is an essential element for human survival and also the earth’s existence. Water can be located in almost all areas. When you glance at it first time, water may seem a little basic and boring. This is because it does not give an individual a lot to wow about just by looking at it. But, when you do a lot of investigation and research, you can find that water has some amazing facts that you probably did not know about. This article seeks to reflect on some of these unknown facts through the following paragraphs. It enables you to discover some amazing elements about water that you probably did not know about and hence you will be surprised.

The first amazing fact is that is it possible to die because of consuming too much water. This is referred to as water intoxication. It can also be referred to as hyperhydration. When you consume a lot of water on a short period, you could end up causing harm to your body and ultimately die. A lot of water intake causes salts and electrolytes to dilute in the body. This is what results to a kidney malfunction. This is what can lead to death.

Another amazing fact is that only thirty percent of water can be used. You may have arrived at information that claims that the surface of the earth is mostly covered with water. But most of this water can only be found in seas. And seawater is essentially inconsumable by mankind. This then leaves only thirty percent of water possible for functions such as the growth of crops, industry functions and domestic uses and as a blade. Also, keep in mind that with water, only one percent is safe for humans to drink. This is because most of the usable water is unsafe or generally too salty.

The third factor to note is that the earth’s atmosphere is usually full of a lot of water. The sky indeed has a lot of water in it. Water that is unseen with the human eye. As a matter of fact, according to scientists, water found in the skies is more than all the water collected from all rivers in the world. This is an amazing fact given that it does not matter how hard you stare at the sky or how long, seeing this water is not possible for humans. It’s even a shocker to think of how it suspends up there and therefore this remain a mystery to many.