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Guide to the Principles of Website Development Manifesto

The website development manifesto is an approach to deliver valuable software faster through giving power to the software developers team team, motivate, harness agility and through accepting change via this guide. Website development aims at aligning the needs of the business and development. Below are principles of the agile manifesto that enable teams to implement according tothis guide.

The highest priority according to this guideis to satisfy the customer by ensuring early and continuous delivery of the software. Customers are more satisfied when they get the working software early rather than having to wait for long periods before it is released.

According to this guide there is an accommodating change for the requirement of the customer. By accommodating changes from customers even when they come late in the development process, competitive advantage for customers is enhanced in terms of feature offering and cost.

The third principle on this guide is on delivering the working software frequently. This should preferably be done from a few weeks to a couple of months to shorten timescale. The sooner the client receives the software, the earlier they will give feedback so you can find out if there is any wrong turn. This principle helps to ensure the timeline of deliverable is met and this eliminates wastage.

Developers and business stakeholders need to collaborate throughout the project. This is because they both aim to come up with valuable software. Also, through collaboration, they can make informed decisions for the success of the project.

The projects should be created around teams that are motivated and able to manage themselves. To motivate them, provide the right environment and support and believe that they will deliver the best in their job. The agile manifesto talks about motivated and happy individuals delivering the best job than unmotivated individuals.

The most effective way of passing information between development teams is face-to-face. This is especially successful when the development teams are co-located. Often communication is paramount for teams that aren’t co-located.

The primary measure of progress is the working software. This way, it becomes the main focus of the project. Otherwise, focusing too much on the plan will see you lose the focus of the project.

The processes support sustainable development which helps to maintain consistent velocity. The team that includes sponsors, developers and users ascertain the right development pace in which they can deliver the working software.

To improve agility, continuous attention should be given to technical skills as well as good design. This enables the team to attain consistent pace, sustain change and improve the product.

Simplicity is vital to develop what is essential for the moment. Since a lot of functionalities that are built are seldom used, agile calls for cutting such functionalities.

The best designs, architectures, and requirements come from self-organizing teams. The skilled team members share ideas and recognize problems before they become big issues.

The last principle is to reflect on effectiveness for the team members. Team members can work more effectively when they reflect on self and process improvement as well as on advancing their skills and techniques.

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